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Saving Grace Health

Rochette's Story

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Maybe you’re struggling to get your blood pressure down, or your joints hurt after being on your feet too long. Finding the need to cushion that plantar fasciitis a little more? 

I know I was. I had to do something to feel better. I knew that I had to eat healthier and exercise more but it was hard to be consistent. I also knew the kind of changes I had to make in my life at 56 years of age wouldn’t happen overnight. It was daunting. 

Then a family member had a major health scare at the end of this summer. Heart disease runs in the family and it struck without warning. Doctors put her on medication, she’s getting the care she needs and she’s doing well… but it was a major wake-up call for me.

I had to do better to feel better; to be rest-assured that I am doing everything in my power to be and feel well for a long, comfortable and vibrant future. My three kids deserved that. The grandchildren I don’t have yet deserved that. I deserved that.

This is why I chose in the beginning of November to get healthy and why I signed on for training to become a Certified Health Coach two weeks later; a healthier future.

What’s your “why”? 

If you know you need to get healthy but you don’t know how to get and stay there long term, I invite you to fill out the Health Assessment Form to discuss how having a scientifically-proven plan, a coach, a community and new healthy habits can support your “why.”

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