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Saving Grace Health

Transformative Coaching. Nourishing Foods.

Rochette Withers
Transformation Coach 
Founder/Saving Grace Health

Are you ready to get healthy? 
Hello, my name is Rochette Withers and I’m a Transformation Coach and Founder of Saving Grace Health. My job as a Transformation Coach is to guide and support clients as they choose to fulfill their individual health and wellness goals.
We know that science has proven that to be healthy physically we must make choices that reduce our risk for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity. If we wish to improve our chances for longevity, comfort and overall wellness, it’s upon us to embrace healthier, long-term habits. I encourage a holistic approach to address the needs of the mind, body and spirit and believe a great place to start building strength in each area is by creating a sustainable plan that works. We begin the process of embracing greater health and wellness by fueling the body with nourishing foods, reducing stress, getting adequate rest and regular exercise. We discuss the link between thoughts, feelings and actions and the responsibility each one of us has to make the best choices possible in each moment to place our focus on that which is positive, productive and nurturing. 
These building blocks to a healthy life “begin at home” by taking good care of our bodies. Investing time and giving attention to our personal temple truly can be our “saving grace” in the beginning, in the end and everywhere along the way.   Clients may wish to reduce inflammation, lower their cholesterol or need help in achieving optimal weight, among a long list of other physical challenges they face now or want to avoid in the future. Whatever the reason, we discuss their needs and choose a plan together that’s right for them so that their physical body functions in a balanced way to allow for their desired lifestyle. 
To start your journey to a healthier life, the first step is to say “Yes” to better! If you believe that a healthier life is attainable through better choices, I encourage you to fill out my health assessment (that can be found by clicking the link on the Health Assessment page on this website) to discuss what you envision for yourself and how I can support you in achieving that by being your personal Transformation Coach.

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